Meteobit Research is a start up focused on researching atmospheric processes and developing solutions for the energy, water-environment and transport sectors.

Lightning prediction system scheme

With atmospheric modelling, the areas where the probability of generating remarkable storms is high are identified. The Lightning Potential Index is used for this process, taking into account different meteorological variables related to atmospheric convection.In this case we work with a time horizon of 6-48 hours and a spatial resolution of one kilometer.

The next step is to advance both in space and time, using sensors and learning machine techniques to track the evolution of the storms that generate the electrical device and try to make an extremely accurate forecast of each storm, its evolution time and the amount of lightning and its location.In this last step we work with time horizons of up to 2 hours in advance and a spatial resolution of hundreds of meters.

From forecast to Nowcast

LPI Forecast

Next simulation is an example of LPI forecast above the Iberian peninsula during the thunderstorms of 20th to 25th of june of 2019.