MeteoBit modeling the future

MeteoBit was created in 1.999 by a small group of highly motivated people with a passion for Meteorology. We are specialists in offering localized weather information for each population, developed by experts in meteorology. We use our own prediction system through powerful computer systems. MeteoBit conducts its own high-resolution forecasts for Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and North America, and uses additional methods of downscaling for located forecasts in other areas.
Over the years, MeteoBit has remained small in size but has evolved dramatically, expanding the range of services offered and developing some state-of-the-art tools in the fields of weather forecasting and local weather information. Although it’s a small company, MeteoBit works for leading national companies.
We are now proud to say that we have all the necessary IT resources to guarantee a consistent and solid service. We work 7 days a week to grant constantly-updated weather information and have the capacity of solving any technical incident within a few hours.

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