Operational WRF System

The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model is a next-generation mesoscale numerical weather prediction system designed to serve both atmospheric research and operational forecasting needs.
It features:

  • Two dynamic cores.
  • A data assimilation system.
  • No redundant computations, high computational efficiency despite the complexity.
The model serves a wide range of meteorological applications across scales ranging from meters to thousands of kilometers. With the WRF Model, we are capable of conducting our own high-resolution forecasts for Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and North America, as well as being able to downscale in order to provide local forecasts for selected areas.

Wind power has become the most important renewable energy resource and is expected to be one of the main energy resources in the future. However, new tools capable of anticipating wind farms production are increasingly necessary in order to regulate production and make this energy competitive. Eolocast is MeteoBit answer to the need for simulations that can estimate wind conditions for virtually any location on earth.

Hydrocast is a forecasting system aimed at predicting the hydro power production at any power facility anywhere in the world. Hydrocast supplies high-quality precipitation forecast data to calculate hydro power to be produced by the facility.

Raincast is a strategic meteorological model for companies involved in water management and flood mitigation. It provides high resolution information about meteorological conditions at the region of interest in order to optimally monitor the rainfall evolution.

Technology and service features

All our products meet certain standards and features that represent basic requirements for us:

  • Data assimilation: our forecasts are adjusted based on previous model errors and monitored behaviour.
  • Compatibily: our forcasting programs can easily merge with our client’s systems and provide input data for their simulations.
  • Constantly-updated information: we work 7 days a week to garantee that our weather information is constantly updated.
  • Problem solving capacity: we can solve client’s problems within hours at any time.

Technology applications

Our programs have multiple applications and can help find solutions to various needs:

  • Weather forecasts for information purposes in the media.
  • Predictions for the tourism sector.
  • Forecast of wind and sun conditions for the eolic and solar power sectors.
  • Rain forecast for flood risk evalution systems and mitigation alerts.