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Heavy rains

Raincast is a weather tool specially designed for companies engaged in water management and that includes the ability to be implemented in a SAD (System Decision Support). Provides high-quality information and useful implemented with a hydrological model as Hidrolayer reliability. High precision and reliability makes it ideal to partner with forecasting systems in real time. For example , assimilating radar data , satellite imagery , meteorological stations, etc. Also its resolution makes it particularly suitable to be usable in comprehensive management of urban cycle, for example associated with SCADA control systems, hydraulic mathematical models, etc.


Raincast can: predict the behavior of hydrologic systems or hydraulic systems to scenarios of various kinds. Analyze historical situations. Facilitate the planning of future projects watershed or hydraulic systems.
The usual techniques for predicting the medium and long term, using seasonal models are not precise enough to forecast about the likelihood of a prolonged drought in a given region. Sometimes the information from these models is contradictory, in middle latitudes have low reliability, and generally are not useful to focus the prognosis in small regions because of its low resolution. We offer tailor, supplement and correct these forecasts to improve reliability by statistical downscaling techniques.
The management of water resources during a hydrological year is vital. Given the volume control of a watershed, we offer to meet the plausible scenarios and their probability for possible prolonged periods of drought.