Water Sector

Most accurate forecast

Meteobit create Numerical Weather Prediction solutions tuned to different needs. We develope a very powerful mechanism to reduce model errors. As model errors in general show certain behaviour in time, it can be beneficial to monitor this behaviour over the last hours and use it to adjust the forecast accordingly.
The model serves a wide range of meteorological applications across scales ranging from meters to thousands of kilometers. With the WRF Model, we are capable of conducting our own high-resolution forecasts for Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and North America, as well as being able to downscale in order to provide local forecasts for selected areas.


Raincast is a strategic meteorological model for companies involved in water management and flood mitigation. It provides high resolution information about meteorological conditions at the region of interest in order to optimally monitor the rainfall evolution.
Key features:

  • Physical coherence: Raincast works with grids instead of single points.
  • Use of real time data, not only historical data.
  • Statistical post process.


Hydrocast is a forecasting system aimed at predicting the hydro power production at any power facility anywhere in the world. Hydrocast supplies high-quality precipitation forecast data to calculate hydro power to be produced by the facility.